Friday, May 23, 2008

Doggy Daycare Concerns During Tram Outages

With the upcoming planned tram outage scheduled for June 10th through 17th a few of the island's dog owners are concerned what to do regarding their anmals. Like many of the children on the island that go to day care when their parents go off to work so to go a few of the lucky dogs that commute each day via the tram with their owners. Where residents can just switch from commuting via tram to subway the issue is not so easy when the traveling companion has four legs and a tail.

For a small dog that fits into a hand held carrier the issue is less cumbersome as the dog can be carried down into the subway with minimal extra hassles. But for a larger dog the decision of what to do becomes harder.

Take for example if an owner travels with a stroller carrier (see the above picture) and the destination is the dog care / grooming establishment on 60th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. The owner could try to take the subway but will have to deal with the posibility that either the subway elevator on Roosevelt Island or the one at Lex / 63rd Street is out of service not to mention rush hour crowds. Parents who use strollers during rush hour know what a hassle this is.

If either elevator is out of service the owner will have to risk to taking their animal out of the stroller in violation of Section 1050.9(h)(2) and walking up or down the stairs and then putting their animal back into the stroller without being told by a cop that they are in violation of the rules etc. I see no defined fine for breaking the rules other than being asked to leave the subway.
Overall it appears that commuting with a large dog into Manhattan poses a number of logistical issues and added time that will affect each affected owner's decision to leave their dog home or attempt to bring them in not just this coming June but for a good part of 2009 when the Tram is offline for reconstruction.


  1. What did dog owners do when the tram was out for 6 months a couple of years ago? There would have been fewer of them then, but someone must have worked out this problem.

  2. If people want to join my project to encourage MTA to allow full-size pet dogs on subways, buses, LIRR, NJ Transit, see and

  3. Those strollers should not be permitted on the tram in rush hours. They displace at least one human, and that is not right. Animals do not have the same rights as humans.

  4. Why do dogs need to go to day care? Or ride in a stroller? ITS A DOG. THEY EAT DOGS IN SOME COUNTRIES. Get over it. Your dog can stay home.

  5. I wish we could go back to the dog-free days here on RI. I agree with ad above. Go get a dog walker or sitter if needed. Why does a dog have to take the tram or the subway?

  6. OK - these are mean-spirited comments. Public transportation should be for everyone for whatever their needs. Making dog owners sound crazy for needed to take their animals on the tram or subway is mean. Sometimes animals need to see a vet, be boarded, or play in Central Park. This is the same for people with children in strollers or people who enjoy bike riding. Just because we live on an island, doesn't mean we should be confined to it. Try to think with an open mind before being so quick to make negative comments. I just sent an email to the to ask why the Tram has such a different policy than the NYC MTA. The Tram Operators require a fully enclosed container where the MTA states just a container where the animal can be contained on your lap and not bother other riders - nothing about fully contained. I hope to have an answer soon.