Friday, May 30, 2008

Does Anyone Commute via Bicycle from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan?

What I am curious about is does anyone bicycle from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan via LIC, Queens to the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan? I know a few bikes travel via the Tram into Manhattan but they are few in number and I have not heard any complaints due to the low number.

StreetFilms today, ran a story today with accompanying video, about Transportation Alternative’s 7th Annual Commuter Challenge from Fort Greene Brooklyn to Union Square, Manhattan. To give away the ending the bike won at 16 minutes, second place went to the car at 22 minutes and the transit rider (bus/subway) came in last at 29 minutes. The biggest surprise was the last place finish of the transit rider but that may be do in part to her combined bus / subway trip as opposed to a single subway ride.

I would have to expect that if a similar challenge took place from Roosevelt Island that the cyclist would be starting from a disadvantage having to ride first in Queens and then across to the Queensboro Bridge.

Please participate in the below poll question re bicycles and commuting into Manhattan:


  1. Loved this. One nitpick, though. Why didn't the bicyclist wear a helmet? I also wonder how many red lights she ran through. I did like the fact that they put the time to find a parking space in the USq area in account.

    If only I found a way to store a bike safely at home and at work I would definitely use it for my daily commute.

  2. When I use my bike to help me commute in the morning I always ride through LIC and then over the Queensboro bridge. Of course the Roosevelt Island Bridge isn't very rider friendly so that's probably one of the worst parts of the ride. I don't like walking my bike because it takes a lot of time when really I should be able to just ride over, but the fact that it's a draw bridge makes it hard to do so. The construction hasn't been much of a help recently either.
    When I ride on weekends into Manhattan I'll usually take the tram over. It's quick and for the most part no one gives you any grief about it.
    Also when I ride into work in the morning it takes me just as long as when I take the subway. Of course most of that is because of the time it takes to walk to the f train from my apartment and from the f train to my job.

  3. You really need a shower and a change of clothes at work - especially on a hot and/or rainy day. Few people have this available.

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