Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wanted: One Paper Roosevelt Island Tram for Measurement Purposes

I have written in the past about the paper Tram model contest that took place here on Roosevelt Island a few years back. I am again renewing my call / request to be able to examine one of these models where I would be allowed to open the model up so I can copy the original measurements of the model. My goal is to eventualy investigate mass producing templates that can be made available to kids and visitors alike.

Just a tad of back history. The templates for the trams pictured in the above and below images were provided by Colgate - Palmolive's tooth paste box manufacturer after measurements of the actual trams were taken.

The color photos were taken by and are of a model tram that may still be displayed at the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery and the black and white photos are courtesy of the Main Street WIRE.

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