Sunday, May 4, 2008

Five Boro Bike Tour Cuts Off Vehicular Access to Roosevelt Island

Access this morning to Roosevelt Island by car, truck, or bus will be a challenge to say the least. The reasons for this is simply that the Five Boro Bike Tour is running along both 21st Street all the way into Astoria (from the 59th Street Bridge) where they turn around and are coming back via Vernon Boulevard.

I had rented a car in Manhattan this morning and upon exiting onto 21St Street found myself blocked off from heading North. After gett9ing onto 36th Avenue we waited for a god 15 mibutes before being allowed across 21st St only to be blocked again at Vernon. NYPD was not even sure if they were let any cars across the RI Bridge but eventualy allowed us over. We actually have a family event off island today so it will be interesting to see if we can get off the island by car and for how long we will sit on the RI bridge.

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  1. The timetable is on the DOT web site at It says the tail end of the bike tour should pass the island at 12:21 pm. In the past they have let cars go through whenever there's a break. After the main group goes through there should be breaks every few minutes.