Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No Queens Bound F Train May 17-19 for Roosevelt Island

This weekend's subway disruption brings the tally for Roosevelt Island and the entire 63rd Street Subway Tunnel up to 13 weekends with disrupted service out of 20 weekends during 2008 so far.

Does anyone know what the record is for subway service disruptions in a single calendar year for a single station? I am just curious what we are working against and if we will ever have to claim such title if we hit it? I am assuming stations along the 7 line with all the construction they have had over the years will beat us easily but I am curious.

The complete tally includes: (1) 1/5-7; (2) 1/12-14; (3) 1/19-21; (4) 1/26-28; (5) 2/2-4; (6) 2/16-18; (7) 3/1-3; (8) 3/8-10; (9) 3/15-17; (10) 3/29-31; (11) 4/5-7 (12) 4/26-27 and; (13) 5/17-19


  1. do you know when they will finish!?

  2. Not a clue. Not even sure what they are doing.

  3. The 2nd Ave. subway's first leg will link to the F line at 63rd Street. Also, the LIRR is going to run some trains to the East Side, to Grand Central Station, and I believe that it will use the 63rd St. tunnel to do this. (Why do you think the subway is so far down underground? There's an upper tunnel layer that we never see!) I think one or both of these projects is creating the closure.