Friday, May 9, 2008

Mystery Roosevelt Island Photo: Ancient Space Rocket ?

It's time to once again to play the game identify the "Mystery Roosevelt Island Photo". In this case I know where this photo was taken as I took it. But I have no idea what this object is or what it's purpose is or was.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to what it is and where it can be found on Roosevelt Island? For all I know there are more than one on the island but I can recall only seeing this one.


  1. My guess: mosquito lantern.

    By the way, isn't word verification enough to keep spam under control?

  2. tongue-in-cheek, and doesn't really answer the question in detail, but here ya go:

  3. It appears that Craig has provided the answer that this iactualy a vent installed by the NYC Department of Ventilation.

    The info I left out of the post was that the vent is sitting just off Main Street by the Ocatgon Soccer field facing the FDNY SOC building. The question NOW is what is below this thing requiring its positioning? Does AVAC run that far North? And if it is not venting gases from AVAC what else could it be venting?

  4. well, there ISN'T a nyc dept o' vents - he was being facetious.

    most likely, it vents a cable conduit, as there are wires in it.

  5. The Dept of ventilation reference did seem a bit strange but at the moment who was I to question Forgotten New York.