Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Transportation Study to Come to Roosevelt Isle via RIOC Board Nominee Kalkin

As a result of publicizing my own Roosevelt Island “transportation survey” I was contacted by RIOC Board Nominee Jonathan Kalkin who has been working behind the scenes even though he has not yet been appointed by the Governor nor confirmed by the State Senate to the Board. The below text are Mr. Kalkin’s comments regarding a transportation study he has been instrumental in bringing to the island.

I am not sure what weight the study will have outside its presentation to RIOC but I would expect since it will be of a high caliber from a prestigious program such as Columbia’s the suggestions that it will include can be presented to the MTA and DOT and we could expect serious discussions at that point.

I am hoping the Columbia folks will attend the late June meeting planned by Manhattan Community Board 8 where they will be focusing on island transportation issues. It would be interesting to hear their take on that night’s proceedings.

The Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation will be conducting a large scale transportation study on the island. This will be conducted by one-fifth of their graduate student body and will include formal presentations to the community coupled with press exposure both on and off the island. This is an award winning group overseen by Columbia and led by a Professor [Floyd Lapp] who was the former Director of the New York City Department of City Planning. Over the weekend, we toured the island and the Professor saw all the good things we have on the island. He saw some of the transportation problems we have and was positive about improving them. I will be writing an article in the WIRE for May 31st issue.

I feel it's important to continue improving the quality of life for all residents on the island. When I was campaigning for a seat on the RIOC Board, I promised that even if I wasn't elected, I would continue to do positive work for the island. This study will have great weight because after meeting with both board members and the President of RIOC, they have agreed to allow RIOC to be the client and promised full cooperation. To top it all off, this world class study, by an award winning Professor, will be free of charge.


Jonathan Kalkin”

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