Monday, May 26, 2008

Freecycle Roosevelt Island?

Over the last few years the terms “green” and “recycle” have taken on new meaning especially in light of the rising costs of fuel and energy overall. I read an article recently about a room being set aside in a New York University dorm where students would discard possessions they no longer want but which could be donated to charity. In today’s NY Times there is an article about a new family of sites known as “Freecycle” which are basically community swap boards set up as Yahoo discussion group where individuals “offer” the stuff they no longer want or post messages regarding items they are looking for as “wanted”. Link here for the NYC FreeCycle site.

This post’s title ponders whether a separate group should or could be set up for Roosevelt Island? The group would require a moderator and perhaps a bit of advertising so Roosevelt Island residents would learn about it. The idea came up as I see plenty of kiosk signs where individuals are offering items for sale and I am betting many of these when they go un-bought end up as garbage as residents no longer have room for them.

Certainly worthy recipients might include the Cabrini Thrift Shop or Orphans International (currently for computers, desks, chairs etc) but then the party would need to bring them to each location and I am betting many individuals just toss things out as they can’t be bothered to make the minimal effort of bringing these items to the OI or Thrift Shop locations.

One of the other issues with offering or selling items from Roosevelt Island is getting the stuff off-island or enticing individuals here to pick anything up. Anyone who has tried to get service persons to visit the island alone knows it is near to impossible much less trying to get individuals not being paid to come here.

So perhaps an on-island on-line Freecycle group would allow us to recycle and re-use goods already on the island? Good idea?

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