Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MTA Turns Off Roosevelt Island Subway Escalators / Elevators to Improve Residents Health as Part of DOH Health Initiative

It appears what we thought was a conspiracy is actually a centralized effort by the MTA and the DOH (see the semi-unrelated NYT story linked) to improve the health and stamina of Roosevelt Island residents while promoting energy conservation.

So far, during the first day of the initiative, only 1000 residents had to be carried off the stairs and the non-electrified escalators complaining of exhaustion.

The DOH believes that number can be reduced by 100 / day with the MTA’s goal of in 100 days being able to disconnect the six working escalators permanently in addition to the 4 escalators “supposedly” under construction.

[This post is obviously a bit of satire but if the MTA and DOH do enact such a plan don't blame me.]

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  1. The escalator in your pic, the lower new escalator, has been out as much or more as the old one was. It's a disgrace, and pretty clear from the Times story why this is the case. Typical of big government - spend $1 billion, get shit for it.