Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NYC DOT re CB8 Request for Roosevelt Isle Queensboro Bridge Access: No Way

According to Manhattan Community Board 8 Co-Chair Jonathan Horn the NYC Department of Transportation response to CB8's April 2007 resolution calling for a study to look at access to the Queensboro Bridge was in summary "No Way". Mr. Horn was unsure when the DOT response was received but believes it was only in the last few weeks. He admitted that publicizing DOT responses to CB8 resolutions is sometimes slow but in this case I am amazed that the DOT responded at all given the fact that the resolution was passed over one year ago.

This coming June 24, 2008 the DOT and the MTA have been invited to a joint CB8 meeting of both the Roosevelt Island and Transportation Committees where several issues will be discussed including access to the Queensboro Bridge as well as the F Train, the Tram, and the ongoing process, as noted in the news this week, of bringing ferry service to Roosevelt Island. I was unclear as to where this meeting would be held but one would presume it would be on Roosevelt Island.

When I asked Mr. Horn if the physical DOT response could be made public he indicated that I needed to contact the CB8m office to make that request.

In the end the DOT response was not surprising. Mr. Horn indicated that while representatives of both DOT and the MTA are being invited to the planned June 24th meeting it is not guaranteed that they will attend. I would expect and suggest that if enough constituents contact our elected officials (Maloney, Serrano, Kellner, and Lappin) that we would see not only the elected officials but more likely the DOT and MTA will attend as well. Again nothing is a sure thing but at least we can gripe to the elected officials with the hope they can lobby both of these organizations as responses to average Joes and Josephines are virtually nonexistent. Heck it took a year for CB8 to get a response.

For prior media coverage regarding Queensboro Bridge access: NY Times and Streetsblog.

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  1. why dosen't the people who run the city get their heads out of there asses and solv this problem? they get paid enough to get problems like this solved...if they can't let's get people who can, all they have are excuses why this cant happen, enough is enough.