Tuesday, May 6, 2008

RailFan Fantasy Proposal: Light Rail to Replace Roosevelt Island’s Red Buses & Provide Additional Access Off Island

A rail fan named Robert Marrero has drafted a rail based transportation map of NYC that includes the construction of two light rail lines on Roosevelt Island. The lines would be connected to Queens and Manhattan via stationary bridges at the North and South ends of the island. The proposed system as a whole is discussed on Subchat in his initial post and a follow-up which includes links to the full proposal maps.

"Roosevelt Island will have LRT service to replace both the Q102 and the Red Bus. Designated the Red Line, the line would run along the 57th Street Line, make all stops on Roosevelt Island, and end at the Queens Plaza TC. The schedules of the Red Line will be coordinated with the Tram (400 Main Street station), which will continue to operate as a local tourist attraction. A spur line to Coler Hospital might be used, but since the Octagon station is so close, the spur is deemed unnecessary at this point. Express trains would bypass all stops and run via the east shoreline of the island. The ramp to the South Bridge will also be on the east side of the island, and will join a line from Queens already on the bridge. It's unclear at this point as to whether the North Bridge will be stationary or lift-span. However, since the Octagon station will be near the bridge, a double-decked lift span seems to be the way to go. "
An interesting concept and a visit to the full map is something to see. I can’t imagine the City trying to build any new bridges, much less one that potentially would block free flowing river access to the numerous boats that travel the waters around Roosevelt Island. I also can’t see where the money for this would come from nor the craziness that would ensue trying to build two lines running the length of the island. Either the Eastern express would be in the East Channel or I can’t see it being built of the Eastern promenade as it would run too close to Eastwood, the existing apartment complex.
It always amazes me what people can come up with. After reading all thsi I don't feel to bad asking the NYC DOT to simply examine the possibility of peestrian access to the Queensboro Bridge.

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