Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Semi-Mystery Photo: When The Garden Club Ran the Island

Today's mystery photo is shrouded in mystery as there was a time when Roosevelt Island was governed not by RIOC by the RIGC, the Roosevelt Island Garden Club and this was their emblem which once was emblazoned on every structure and obelisk until Moses was cast out of Egypt. Sorry wrong story.

The question today is not so much which structure this is although positive identification would be nice but rather is this emblem still there and if not where is it?

The above photo was taken by Dan Dickinson and was found on Flickr via this link.

Update: May 31st:

The below photo is also on Flickr and was taken by me last weekend:



  1. that looks like the gulag surrounding shaft 15B by the octagon. i don't recall seeing the seal - but then, i haven't been looking for it! i'll check when i walk the dog.....

  2. Later this evening I will post a link to a photo or add a photo which will provide a partial answer.

  3. Sorry, never got to post the picture where the sign is now but I can say it is in the garden club locker room.

  4. if i remember correctly, this used to be by the subway, where 425 main st now stands

  5. I thought the garden was always up by Octagon Park? Why would they have the sign down on the structure by the subway?

  6. anonymous is right - i was at the subway today (waiting for a bus for over 15 minutes!) and the bolts that held it on are clearly visible.

    maybe the dead vines were at one time a responsibility of the club???

  7. The Gardens have been relocated twice. When I first moved to the Island there were just north of Westview, where PS/IS 217 is now located. Later they were moved to the Southtown area, and now they're at Octagon.