Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NYDN: Ferry Advocates Say Service Possible Within Year But Unlikely

Today's New York Daily News, May 20, 2008, online local Queens section is running an article reporting that local ferry advocates believe ferry service could start on Roosevelt Island within a year if dock construction would be started earlier than 2010 as projected by NYC.
The article does not elicit any new information that island residents did not know already but it helps keep the issues in the press that we have serious transportation concerns especially with the Tram going off line in 2009 in front of us. If anything the article shows that our elected representatives are still pushing for us.


  1. look at the size of the crack behind him. it has doubled in width in 2 years. that dock needs more than the 'some re-inforcing' that becker claims it does to be safe.

    i want a ferry, too, but i ain't holding my breath.

  2. Surely a temporary floating dock could be rented by the government if the will and the funds were there. It can't be that complex a thing.