Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Tram, F Train Rerouted - How Do I Get Home to Roosevelt Island ?

There to Here_23rd St - Ely Ave

Almost three months ago I ran a post titled "From There to Here: 23rd St/Ely Ave to Roosevelt Island". At that time the post was responding to a blogger that found themselves on a rerouted F train that became an V Train and the blogger was unsure how to recover and still get to Roosevelt Island. Yesterday evening, during rush hour, selected F Trains were also rerouted but in this case my wife was able to get out and at Lex/ 53rd and walk to the Tram. Starting today that option does not exist for the next ten days so the question is worth visiting again.

As I stated in my comments back on March 19th, two possible mass transit solutions are possible and any Roosevelt Island resident that has been reading all our prior service disruption notices would know at least th first one:

(1) Stay on Queens bound F, now running on the V Line, and take it to Roosevelt Ave and then switch back onto a Manhattan bound F train, or

(2) Take the Queens bound F, now running on the V Line, to Queens Plaza. Transfer from the subway to a Roosevelt Island bound Q102 Queens Bus.

If anyone has any other suggestions please let us know. We’d like to hear them.

V Train

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