Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Riverwalk Construction Update: Pictures of 405 and 415 Main Street

Gianluca, this post was photographed so you could see, from California, updated pictures of Riverwalk Court (415 Main Street) and I figured while I was out I might as well take pictures of 405 Main Street as well.

I started shooting from right outside the subway station and then proceeded to walk clockwise around the three buildings 425 - 415 - 405 Main Street. 425 Main St. is already complete and occupied.

Is it me or does Riverwalk Court, 415 Main St., contain more glass in it's exterior shell / skin than any of the 6 buildings constructed to date?


Each of the photos in the above slide show can be found on Flickr HERE.

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  1. Wow! Thank you! (is it Eric? I don't know your name)
    It's quite an honor seeing my name in your blog.
    Yes the building at 415 Main Street is supposed to have lots of glass. All windows are floor-to-ceiling. Lots of light I'm told. I'll be on the 6th floor facing Manhattan and the subway station.
    BTW I could get to the original JPEGs on Flickr. Thank you again.