Monday, June 16, 2008

Are Roosevelt Island Zip Cars Less Zippy ?

It appears that at least one resident on Roosevelt Island is complaining that fellow island residents are not returning their Zipcars in a timely basis resulting in a less than satisfying service model. Having access to a local and efficient rental car service is something any resident can appreciate. Do you belong to Zipcar and what has been your estimate of how it works here on Roosevelt Island?


  1. yes I belong and the answer is that there is never a car available when I try to use it. so I'd say that 3 zippies may not be enough

  2. We belong to zip car and have a difficult time getting one too. We have even walked over to the cars near Costco to get one.

    Once in a while we get one but in recent months we have gone down and the key has been missing or the car has had to be taken in for repair.

  3. I am also a Zipcar member and even with 6 cars on the island now, there has never been a car available when I need it. When I lived in Brooklyn there were always available zipcars in good condition. The Manhattan based zipcars seem more abused.