Friday, June 20, 2008

WNBC Video: Gabe Pressman's Roosevelt Island Report

This below video segment on Roosevelt Island aired, this evening June 20, 2008, during the 7pm local WNBC newscast. It was filmed during the last week of May 2008.

It is always interesting to see how news segments are edited down to the final product. As expected the result of the interview Mr. Pressman conducted with us ended up summarized as one or two sentences. Matt Katz, RIRA President, likewise ended up with one sentence on the air. Ms. Judy Berdy is highlighted for a few more sentences as much of the segment focuses on the past history of the island.

I am guessing the aerial shots are courtesy of the News 4 helicopter. All in all not bad. And I said earlier meeting Mr. Pressman was fun and he is definitely a professional cut from the best.
For a cleaner viewing link HERE to the WNBC site itself.


  1. Matthew Katz confirms what I always suspected: that he doesn't realize he lives in a housing project in New York City.

  2. Matthew Katz and his friends think they speak for the whole development. It's too bad that Gabe Pressman fell for it.

  3. It is lazy journalism that reporters always go to the same people for comment. On the other hand, Matthew Katz was elected president of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association in an election that was open to every R. I. resident. In his columns in the Wire he regularly asks residents to attend and participate in Association meetings. He may not speak for every resident on every issue but he has every right to present himself as a spokesman.

  4. I was actually a bit disappointed in the piece in that I knew I discussed during the time Gabe Pressman was in my apartment several of our transportation concerns as well as other issues and the piece overall seemed to focus more on the past history than what makes the island tick as a "neighborhood" today. My impression from Matt Katz was a bit of the same when he and I traded emails about the interview.

  5. I got the impression that this is one of a series of soft "neighborhood" pieces that Gabe Pressman is doing and they would rather focus on the exotic history of the island than any substantive discussion of current issues.