Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From There to Here: 23rd Street / Ely Avenue to Roosevelt Island

There to Here_23rd St - Ely Ave

This afternoon I ran across a blog, “Preesh Police”, where the blogger made a subway train mistake that most Roosevelt Island residents have probably made at one time or another. That is you have gotten on a V Train thinking it was an F Train expecting to ride to out from Manhattan to the Roosevelt Island subway station only to find yourself heading underground with no alternative to ride it out and determine how to recover from your mistake.

The blogger recalled something about being able to get to Roosevelt Island from Queens by bus but could not recall what bus or how to get to it. It all started when she mistakenly took a V Train and she found herself above ground outside the 23rd Street / Ely Avenue subway station. As per her blog her goal was to get to Coler – Goldwater Hospital. In the end she apparently took the V back into Manhattan to 53rd and Third Avenue and walked up to the Tram taking it to Roosevelt Island.

As I stated in my comments to her blog, two of the possible mass transit solutions would have been:

(1) She could have gotten back on the Queens bound V and taken it to Roosevelt Ave and then switched back onto a Manhattan bound F train, or

(2) she could have gotten back on the Queens bound V and taken it one more stop to Queens Plaza. From there she could have taken a Roosevelt Island bound Q102 directly to one of the campuses of Coler - Goldwater Hospital.

Do you have other There to Here experiences you would like to share where readers might benefit from your experience? We’d like to hear them.

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