Monday, June 2, 2008

Update: June 24th - CB8 Mtg Re Transportation

A couple of comments regarding the upcoming June 24th CB8 meeting regarding the state of Roosevelt Island's transportation infrastructure and needs. The first is that apparently as I have been driving the CB8 staff a bit nuts regarding the status of their April 2007 Queensboro Bridge access resolution they actually sent me a formal invite to the meeting. The second for anyone interested is they (CB8) also sent me a copy of the actual letter sent by them in April 2007 to the NYC DOT requesting a study be undertaken.

Prior to receiving either of these letters I had actually submitted a FOIL request to the DOT to see if according to the DOT records if they had even received CB8's resolution. I am being told in their below reply that I should expect a formal reply by about June 10th. I also asked what their response was to the CB8 resolution. My bet is if they actually respond all I will get is a copy of the CB8 letter to them which I now already have.

I have asked CB8 if they ever got a formal response as I though that was what CB8 Transportation Co-Chair Jonathan Horn had indicated to me. But so far the folks in the CB8 office have not provided any such response to me. If DOT shows up June 24th I am sure we will hear their response.

Invite to June 24th Mtg.

CB8 Letter Resolution to NYC DOT

FOIL Request to NYC DOT

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