Monday, June 23, 2008

Posters, Bus Shelters and Kiosks

I guess I won't be posting any signs for a while in the bus shelters even if they are transportation related. I am guessing this will be a hard one for RIOC to uphold as it will require constant vigilence. Some people might see this as a limitation on freedom of expression but I am sure it was a decision based simply on trying to clean up the place as the shelters were getting a bit messy and there are posters kioks usually within view if not adjacent to every shelter.

I am not sure what put the situation over the edge but I admit I was a regular but had tried to limit my posters to specific meeting or event related news. My most recent posters were advertising the below Community Board 8 event which I felt was more than appropriate to be posted in the shelters.

UPDATE: 11:30 pm
It turns out it was not RIOC that cleaned up the shelters according to Margie Smith but I believe she indicatd it was RIRA as the shelters were beginning to look a bit junky. etc. I will confirm tomorrow what prompted this action.


  1. I was tempted to write under "Do Not Post Any Signs on Bus Shelter" a little graffiti: "Except this sign"

  2. Posting at the bus shelters makes total sense as people wait there and read the signs. Why can't we have a neat and designated place for informational flyers that would be of interest to the community and are time limited? Not sales flyers. Each posting should have a removal date.

  3. Perhaps arts-related posters at the bus shelters should be allowed? There should be rules as to the poster size; how far in advance they should be posted; and when they should be removed.