Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Has the Abominable Snowman Returned to the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse?

Ok, maybe I missed something in the Roosevelt Island tour guide class but I thought the lamps in the Lighthouse were no longer lit? Has the Abominable Snowman returned and turned on the light? I thought this was the last time the Lighthouse was lit. I have a feeling my Historical Society membership is about to be cancelled for not knowing this simple fact.

Mystery fact request: Who can find and provide a link to a web page that details the last lighting of the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse? Or at least prove to me that it is still lit on a regular basis and I have been a very bad resident to not know this.

Top photo by Shawn.nyc on Flickr. WIRE photo and issue can be linked HERE.

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  1. i walk my dog up there quite often at night - i don't recall seeing it off, to the point that i assumed it was always on. perhaps when they say 'last time lit' they mean 'with more than fluorescent tubes' or whatever is in there...