Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Subway Disruptions: Scheduled for July - September

According to a representative of the MTA that attended this evening's Community Board 8 meeting the subway will NOT stop on Roosevelt Island (also Lex/63rd and 21st St. / Queensbridge) in one direction on the following Summer weekends:

July 12-14 Northbound / Queensbound trains
August 9 - 11 Northbound / Queensbound trains
August 23-25 Southbound / Manhattan trains
August 30-Sept 1 Southbound / Manhattan trains
September 6 - 8 Northbound / Queensbound trains

This weekend there are no service disruptions planned for Saturday June 28th through Monday morning June 30th. This weekend is the 26th weekend of the 2008 year and we have had 13 weekends of disruption putting us at 50% which is simply unacceptable.

I understand the need for many of the track projects required to maintain and expand the system but for riders to be displaced this often is bordering on unfair.

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