Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tram Outage Day 2: Commentary

F Train Update

My Day 2 experience was limited to arriving before 8am and getting on a F Train within a few minutes without issue. My advice which applies any dayu of the work week is get tothe platform before 8am and your issues will be mininmized.

The Main Street WIRE is reporting that approximately 100 individuals were left on the Manhattan bound platform between the period 825am to 845am. Even on a normal operating day during that time period it is expected that a number of riders will not be able to get on crowded trains.

Red Bus Schedules - New Service to Manhattan During Non Rush Hours

RIOC President Steve Shane announced yesterday that RIOC decided to provide off hour service directly to 60th Street in Manhattan in addition to rush hour service to Queens Plaza. Just as the Roosevelt Islander applauded RIOC yesterday for this decision I too thank Mr. Shane for this added service as I am sure it will be an aid to residents who find the stairs at both the Queens Plaza and Lex / 63rd Street subway stations too much too handle.

A copy of the updated Red Bus schedule will be available throughout his outage in the left side bar to this blog. Just doble cvlick to link tothe schedule and then double click to enlarge the image.

RIOC Tram Bus Schedule - 2008 June


  1. If you are a daily commuter, this is not out of the ordinary. At least 1 or 2x a week I have to wait for 2 or even 3 trains, and that is when the tram is working. The bus is the worst solution, anyone knows that Queens Plaza is equally crowded, the solution...

  2. This extra bus service to and from Manhattan is appreciated and the fact that it will still only cost $0.25 is great too. As I don't leave my office until after 6:30 I will be giving it a try this evening and will update you later.