Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tram Outage Day One : No Man Left Behind

The Main Street WIRE, in the form of Dick Lutz, stood this morning on the Queens bound subway platform at the Roosevelt Island station and counted how many subway riders were left behind on this the first morning rush of the Tram's 9 day plannned outage. His count: Zero.

I myself was on the platform for the short period between 745am and 750am or so. I came onto a basically empty platform except for a few riders like myself who just descended the escaltors. A train showed up within 5 minutes with room enough for the hundred or more riders that had accumulated in those few minutes.

As the WIRE Bulletin posited it is unclear if the lack of riders was due to many staying home due to the excessive heat predictions or other factors. The real question is how was the platform between 815am and 845am which is usually the heaviest period of traffic.

Based on this morning I would advise all resident commuters to leave earlier than usual to ensure a stress free ride as much as possible.


  1. I was on the platform at 8:35, the platform was surprisingly empty as was the train that came in 5 minutes.

  2. I was on the platform at around 9am or so and it wasn't too crowded, about the same as in your picture. As far as I could tell everyone made it on the next train to arrive.

  3. Pretty normal from about 8:40 on, when I got there. A lot of people were there, and it was a while before a train came, and almost everyone got on. I let it go as too crowded, and a half empty train came in right behind it.