Friday, June 6, 2008

Appoint All Six Elected RIOC Board Nominees

Of the six resident elected RIOC Board Nominees it was hoped that the Governor would without question appoint four and the Mayor would appoint the two he is allowed by law to appoint. In a strange turn of events Governor Paterson's staff has recommended to the Governor that he only pick three of elected resident nominees and re-appoint a current resident RIOC Board member who voluntarily chose to not run in favor of the election process.

This blog and I personally agree with the Roosevelt Island Residents Association, the Main Street WIRE, and my fellow blogger The Roosevelt Islander that the Governor and Mayor be urged to appoint all six nominees based on the desires of the resident population of Roosevelt Island.

At present I am unaware of the circumstances causing the Governor’s staff to make their recommendations but will work with RIRA to voice the message that all six should be appointed.

According to the Main Street WIRE bulletin issued this morning and the WIRE’s Roosevelt Island Blog the Governor’s office is expected in addition to David Kraut, who currently sits on the RIOC Board, to nominate Fay Christian, Dr. Kathie Grimm, and Jonathan Kalkin. That would leave the Mayor’s office the ability to appoint two of the remaining three elected nominee candidates: Frank Farance, Erin Feely-Nahem and Howard Polivy. The mayor is allowed to appoint two individuals of which only one has to be an island resident. If events continue on this path one of these three individuals will not be appointed despite the wishes of the resident poulation.

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