Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whiffleball Player Smacks Ball 654 Feet at Southpoint Park

Apparently Southpoint Park is becoming such a popular destination here on Roosevelt Island for Whiffleball afficionados that they have defined how many feet the centerfield fence is from home plate. Although some residents have questioned their math. Doubleclick the image to see the "654" designation.

In all seriousness does anyone know what the numbered boxes / placrds are sitting at down at Southpoint Park? I have not been down there recently but as always am curious to learn more about whatever is going on around here.

The above picture is one of several on Flickr regarding a whiffleball game at Southpoint Park.

Update 12:30 pm

Stephen Shane, President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, e-mailed me a few moments ago with information regarding the numbered cubes. He referred me to his March 15, 2008 WIRE RIOC column where he wrote:

"In an episode reminiscent of our own UFOs , six (6) freshly painted, labeled (1-6) and latched cubes of approximately three feet at each dimension, enclosed on five (5) sides were discovered at the top of the grassy embankment just south of the Ruin. After investigation, it was determined that without prior notification, the MTA police had left them there as part of a canine training exercise. Roswell, New Mexico? "

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