Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Light Please?

A few nights ago, on Sunday June 1st, I was walking to and from Gristedes on the Eastern side of Main Street. After crossing over the ramp up to the bridge it was apparent that we need more light under the parking structure along that section of sidewalk between the ramp across to the old escalator entrances near Gristedes. The lack of light in that section is bordering on unsafe.

On my walk home that evening I stopped in at the Public Safety office and registered my request and concern with the officer on duty. He indicated he would file a report and that it would be reviewed by his supervisors. I will have to check back tonight to see if any additional light has been added or bulbs changed as I was unable to do so these last two nights. Both the officer working the desk and a fellow officer agreed that section is pretty dark.

Update 12:00 Noon:


I was contacted this morning by Stephen Shane, RIOC's President, that it would have been quicker for me to contact RIOC directly so that their Engineering Department could attend to the lighting issue rather than my stopping in on PSD. As I replied to Mr. Shane, at that moment, I thought of the issue as a safety issue and thought it appropriate to go to them.

I will also admit by Monday morning I had forgotten about the issue until I saw the above picture in my camera. In the end Mr. Shane is correct that issues concerning Island operations and facilities should be reported to RIOC's offices directly for more appropriate action.
Hey the Farance kids got that sidewalk fixed real quick after sending Mr. Shane their letter so he is apparently ,aking sure such things do happen.

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