Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nursing Education Has Returned to Roosevelt Island

This past October 2007, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Goldwater Hospital to celebrate the opening of a new on-site nursing program. This past week Judy Berdy and the Roosevelt Island Historical Society visited the program and found the young women not dressed in scrubs but in uniforms similar to those worn by nurses of years ago.

An article is posted on the RIHS website describing the visit in detail. The above picture is from a set of four available on Flickr and within the article. The book pictured below can be ordered via the RIHS website.

The article begins as follows:

"A new Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) initiative created the Nurse Career Ladder Program for 400 mainly poor and low-income New Yorkers to enter and advance in the nursing profession over the next four school years. The program fills two needs: it creates a career ladder program in a growth industry, and it provides healthcare facilities with nurses who are currently in short supply. Ten of the students at the new school already work for the municipal hospital system and are advancing their careers to become LPN's."

RIHS - Book Cover with Nurses

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