Monday, March 10, 2008

Roosevelt Crusoe: What Happened to the CB8 Requested Study re QB Bridge Access?

Today I posted the below post on the Roosevelt Crusoe blog regarding last year's Community Board 8 Resolution regarding pedestrian access to the Queensboro Bridge.

Do you have any information I can follow up on?

"Eleven months ago a proposal was put before NYC Community Board 8 regarding direct pedestrian access to the Queensboro Bridge from Roosevelt Island. The central reasons behind this request were the possible ramifications of Roosevelt Island's access off the island in case the tram, subway and RI Bridge were all non-operational or inaccessible.

At the close the CB8 meeting it was resolved that a study should be commissioned to determine the needs and possibility of such access. While the Streetsblog article pictured, and linked here, does indicate that a DOT spokesperson Kay Sarlin, knocked down the proposal citing security and landmarked status issues it is unclear whether the DOT was ever formally requested to commission a study or whether it issued a formal response to the CB8 resolution.

I hope to contact CB8 and learn more what happened subsequent to the resolution being adopted."

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