Friday, March 14, 2008

Typical FDNY Response to Apparent Non Emergency Call on Roosevelt Island

Any Roosevelt Island resident that lives here and certainly those residents whose apartments face into Main Street know that the Fire Department trucks are frequent visitors to Main Street and very often on false alarms or events that are less than originally called. I guess due to the size of our buildings and our semi-remote location they are required to send this many trucks.

The below video was shot at approximately 2:00 am on Wednesday March 12th. Seven fire trucks responded that morning including Ladder 115, Ladder 116, Engine 260 and Engine 262. I missed the units numbers for the remaining pieces of equipment. We greatly appreciate every time these firefighters come onto the island as younever know when one of the calls could be the real thing. we just hope one of these non emergency response takes the equipment from a real emergency.


  1. The amount of apparatus depends on several factors such as; type of call, amount of calls received for that emergency, what the caller states, and yes, even remote location/type of building. The way you talk connotes a misunderstanding. It's always easier to turn units around then to call for more help when its too late. As for depleting resources, the dispatchers make sure there are always units spread out accordingly. Be glad there wasn't a real emergency.

  2. Anonymous above is absolutely correct. Trust me when I say...If there had been or will be a real fire or need for the Fire Department you will want at LEAST that amount of equipment responding to the island!!! The rest of the city can rest easy as the FDNY knows what it's doing!