Friday, March 7, 2008

Subway Reminder - Service Disruptions This Weekend 3/8-10 (And Next 3/15-17)

As a reminder yet again this weekend (and next) we will be dealing with subway service cut off in one drection. This weekend marks 8 out 10 weekends in 2008 and next will make it 9 out of 11 weekends involving disruptions.
It is just so nice of the MTA to give us a week's notice just to remind us that it will never end.
I am beginning to feel sorry for the MTA staffer whose job is to generate all these service update posters as life must be pretty dull. Same old choices of text. Either Queens Bound or Manhattan Bound. You wonder if they get a bit silly in that office what the posters must look like. Do they wonder if we'd notice if they published one that read "Staten Island Bound Trains Will Run on ...". Yes I am losing it.

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