Monday, March 31, 2008

Pizza on 36th Ave...A Stone's Throw Over the Roosevelt Island Bridge

On Saturday, my son and I took a stroll over the Roosevelt Island Bridge and I recalled that directly across from the bridge, at 36th Ave and Vernon Blvd., was a relatively new pizza place.

I had first heard of the "36th Avenue" while reading a comment posted to this blog in response to a short link I posted regarding Ion's, the new Roumanian place directly across the street from the pizza place.

36th Avenue is small establishment serving more than just pizza, and whose menu, contains a pretty good variety of Italian dishes, although I can only comment that the pizza was pretty good and the service excellent. It is owned and operated by Antonio and Anita who informed me that they opened this past september and they are looking forward to the return of the warmer months when they hope increased foot traffic from across the Roosevelt island Bridge will bring more patrons to their door. The restuarant has only three boots, two which will sit 4 and the third for only a couple.

Definitely worth checking out.

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