Friday, March 7, 2008

Translating NYU Roosevelt Island Real Estate – Speak

First off my apologies to NYU but I could not resist.

A little background information. NYU has recently purchased I believe 58 apartments in Riverwalk Court (425 Main Street) which is now under construction to be sold internally to interested faculty. It was reported earlier this week, by the Roosevelt Islander, that NYU was not aware that the Tram would be taken off line in 2009 for several months for an overhaul and upgrade of the system.

Today’s Angry New Yorker (via the NYT City Room daily “BlogTalk”) posted a piece regarding translating what realtors say and what it really means. My entry, in regards to the above NYU purchase, was as follows:

Realtor to NYU Professor Looking at a Riverwalk Apartment:
“I am not that familiar with the Roosevelt Island Tram but it has the best views of Manhattan.”

I know the Tram is being taken off line for several months in 2009 but at that point my finder’s fee will just be a memory.

[Note: Earlier today I misreported that the NYU apartments were in 415 Main Street in error.]

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