Monday, March 10, 2008

If Spitzer Resigns Will Gov. Paterson Ever See Our Elected RIOC Board Nominees?

I am guessing whether Governor Spitzer survives the current controversy or not the likelihood of any governor focusing on the issue of our elected RIOC Board Nominees in the near future is highly unlikely.

Anyone on the island have any connections to Lt. Governor David Paterson's office?


  1. if he does resign, i'd like to know if that nails shut the kahn memorial - i've been guessing the ONLY reason the supporters were steamrolling the project through is another 'steamroller' high up in the dem machine.......

    i don't really care one way or another if he resigns. with the exception of mcgreevy, at least democrat scandals seem to involve grown women ... and no diapers LOL!!

  2. Good question. Thanks you for raising it. It is likely that the new administration will ignore many of the mistakes of Spitzer's 14 months in office. That includes the voting experiment and the Kahn Memorial. Who cares who sits on the Board as long as the Kahn Memorial is abandoned ???

  3. actually, i sorta care who sits on the board, regardless of kahn.


    sorry - i usually dislike star trek jokes. that one just slipped out.

    anyways. not only would the board election be up for grabs, i wonder if patterson would feel too obligated to keep charlee miller or hell, steve shane???

  4. You are onto something (Craig): there could be a new DHCR Commissioner appointed and a new Budget Director and a new RIOC President. This means no Kahn Memorial!!!!

  5. Considering the fact that he's blind, I don't think he'll be seeing the RIOC ever.

  6. Without this zealot in the governor's office giving his minions marching orders, hopefully there can be a reasonable progression toward privatization and termination of the Mitchell Lama status of the remaining 3 WIRE buildings. It will take months, though, for a successor administration to sort itself out, and it will be difficult to get a decision from anybody.