Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tram Satisfaction Survey Results

Considering the number of people that ride the Roosevelt Island Tram daily I was surprised that only 92 people took the time to fill out and submit the survey cards provided. Overall riders felt the service was good.

According to the RIOC survey web page :

"The results are based on 92 mailed responses to a survey that was distributed at the Manhattan Tram Plaza during the months of April and May 2007. The Survey was a two sided post card questionnaire with postage distributed to 1100 Tram riders, yielding a response rate of 8.4%. "

RIOC has posted a number of comments sent in by the participating riders which can be found linked HERE. Other than pure positives, requests for longer hours, and more frequent servce the constructive comments included the following:

  • Improve the cooling system in the Tram. It gets extremely hot during peak hours.
  • Add ... AC or fans and more hanging straps.
  • Operate the Tram with the lights on [at night] so that passengers can read during the ride.
  • Renovation of bathrooms in the Tram station is needed.
I am still amazed that even with prepaid postage more recipients of the cards did not mail them in.

Tram Survey 2007 Results - Detail

According to the RIOC webpage "surveys for 2008 will be distributed at the Tram Plaza beginning the second week of April. If you have any additional questions regarding the survey, please call Erica Wilder at 212-832-4540 x349."

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