Monday, March 24, 2008

Sequence of FDNY Response to Southpoint Brush Fire


"Roosevelt Island, Manhattan, NY, 3/22/08

Location: South end of Roosevelt Island

Phone Box 8156 - Multiple calls reporting a brush fire
Engs. 260, 262, 263
L116, TL117
Battalion 45"

Closest street box (just South of Goldwater Hospital):
Fire Box - Southpoint 2007 Dec 30

"14:56 hours
Marine 6 added to assignment with 5 minute ETA and outbound tide

15:05 hours
Battalion 45 reports we have what may be 2 brush fires at the southern tip, investigating at this time.

7-5-8156 - 15:10 hours
BC45: We are pulling back land units. Marine 6 is going to open up from the water. Using All-Hands, no additional companies required.

15:23 hours - Duration 39 minutes
BC45: All visible fire has been extinguished, fire is under control. Units will go 10-8 as they become available. "

For pictures of many of the other responding units link HERE.

Marine 6

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