Monday, March 3, 2008

MTA Roberts to Roosevelt Island: No Increased Service Coming Your Way

MTA NYCTA President Howard Roberts issued a reply, dated February 11, 2008, regarding the call to examine and increase subway service to Roosevelt Island. The reply was in regards to a January 20, 2008 request to President Roberts made by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Jose Serrano, Assembly Member Micah Kellner and City Council Member Jessica Lappin.

In short the letter reads that the ridership levels are within capacity and that the request to extend the Q Train to 21st Street / Queensbridge would only slow down the overall system as it would interfere with existing F, E and V Train service.

Please let us know your comments as they are being reviewed by our elected representatives.


  1. i like how the letter has the line symbols in little balls. cute.

    i hate to repeat myself, but the mta is NOT going to do anything for RI. indeed, there is really little it CAN do. until it digs new tunnels for queens service... which it won't while we're alive. the RI station is an afterthought to begin with, as the whole 63rd street tunnel was built to relieve track congestion in queens, not deliver service to us.
    dreaming up new tunnels, subway routes and pedestrian bridges is fun, but ultimately a waste of energy AND political capital. the ultimate problem is overdevelopement of this island, and stopping that will alleviate many of the problems with transit. pester your politicians to halt construction until someone in a position of power shows how they intend to deal with the commuters. if they can't show a concrete and FUNDED way to get 10000 more people on or off here, they should NOT be approving work permits. if maloney et al want to see more buildings here, they need to get money to subsidize a ferry, and access to the bridge (they talk of tearing down goldwater - make any condo developer there build a ped connector at their expense as a condition!).
    none of these things will solve the problem, but they'll help. they only solution is to restrict construction.

    as i type, the F is down, and there is a line at the tram around the corner. that is the future of this island unless politicians are willing to work for you instead of developers. instead of having the pols write letters they already know the answer to, get them to write the mta and ask 'ok, the f is fine. WHAT do you intend to do when it is NOT fine, and over capacity? how soon can you get the 2nd ave line extension to queens going? (see the mta's plan released today)' you need to involve brooklyn and queens politicians, too - the issue is line-wide, not just ours. same with the ferry... LIC and brooklyn suffer from the same problems, and a ferry integrated into the mta would help us all.

    the most important thing to remember, i think, is that this island was NEVER intended to be integrated into the city... you came here to stay for some forced length of time, not commute. the employees who did shuttle back and forth were relatively small in number, and easily handled by city ferry, and later, trolley and the red bridge. to change that, you need to change nearly 200 years of city history.

  2. Thanks Craig ! You are absolutly right the only solution is to limit the added bodies we add to this island as the system cannot handle what we have ...not easily and the State with the added development of Southtown is pushing us over the edge.

    Granted the GDP envisioned Southtown's construction but the GDP never expected the transportation issues to be at this level.

  3. I know I am not going to make any friends with my opinion but here it goes.

    While I agree that the F train is indeed crowded like crazy during rush hours you will eventually get a train that has some room. Sure it involves letting one, two, or three trains pass by. The problem is that people tend to just cram into the first train they see and that delays the trains more and more. By the time it gets to RI there is absolutely no room at all. Usually you wait a couple of trains and you will end up with a train that is not crowded at all. This, of course, is something the folks from Queens should think about. We on RI just suffer from the idiocy of many people.

    If people would have just common sense. There is another train just a few minutes behind that one. Stop cramming into the one you see and wait. I think the MTA should work on crowd control instead of increasing volume. The latter will never happen.