Sunday, March 2, 2008

Five ? of Ten Roosevelt Island Escalators Now Under Reconstruction

Upon reviewing the NYCTA Escalator and Elevator status page it is being reported that a fifth escalator ES 413 has been recorded as "Under Construction". We already been dealing with the center escalators being out (ES 412 and ES415) but the addition of ES 413 at this time is a surprise as it effectively renders ES 416 worthless as a dead end.

The construction boarding of ES 412 and ES 415 does not allow commuters using ES 413 and ES 416 to exit to another path of egress from the Center / Upper Mezzanine. ES 411 and ES 414 have the option of allowing riders to exit either onto the stairs at the Center / Upper Mezzanine. I will investigate tomorrow morning and report what I find here. If anyone has been at the station in the last day and can update us here that would be great.

UPDATE: 11:21pm

As of 9:52 pm this evening the MTA page changed the additional elevator out of service from ES 413 to ES 416. Same end result. Both are useless if one is blocked off for construction.


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