Monday, March 17, 2008

FDR Memorial Mtg 3/25 - Cartoon Images vs Same Old Images ?

As of today the only "memorial", on Roosevelt Island, to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as far as I know, is the simple bust of him sitting within the local NYPL branch as pictured above. Should we have a more substantial memorial? Certainly. Of course.

Do we all agree on what that memorial should be? Should Island residents get a say on a memorial plan that was decided before any residents step foot on the Island? Rick O'Connor, of the Roosevelt Islander, wrote a great article that appeared in this weekend's Main Street WIRE which I encourage interested parties to read.

For anyone who has anything to say on the matter please show up at the Town Hall meeting planned for March 25th. I have put together a new poster which should in the next day or two start appearing around the Island. It again plays with imagery I created for the CB8 meeting of two weeks ago where using MS Paint I added trees to an existing (via Flickr) Southpoint view of Manhattan showing what I fear will be obstructed views of the City. One of my major issues with the planned FDR Memorial.

FDR - RI 360 Town Hall Poster

Double Click to Enlarge

The folks at FERI and the architects took exception with my artwork labelling it as a cartoon. I am not arguing that point as it was. The top half of the above poster was created by FERI but shows the same old image we have seen and presnts nothing new. Certainly I look forward to the new images they indicate they will be bringing to the March 25th meeting. But I am doubtful they will win me over as even at the CB8 meeting it was stated that images can only go so far as compared to what the real thing will look like. Yes, my image is a cartoon but this is my fear and it is the best way I know to convey that image to others.

Come down to the meeting and see for yourself. There will be a survey distributed at that meeting and supposedly in the next issue of the WIRE. Show you care what happens on this Island and complete the survey and suibmit it accordingly. Your view may differ from mine and I respect that. I will respect it more if you participate in the process.

Update 3/17 at Noon (Cartoon View Source):

The picture immediately below is of the current view looking West towards Manhattan. The picture was found HERE on Flickr. Note that your eye does not only look straight out at a zero degree inclination but also upwards at varying degrees to take in the entire skyline. The picture below that is my version of the picture once the Linden Trees really start bearing their full leaf growth.

Happy Feet

UnHappy Feet

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