Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Temp. Hits 50˚ Time to Talk Playgrounds

The temperature has been hitting 50˚ and this weekend we push the clocks ahead one hour. Spring is in the air so it is time I start posting about the state of Roosevelt Island’s playgrounds.

I must admit I have not made the rounds yet of the 4 major playgrounds (Riverwalk, Al Lewis, Manhattan Park, or the Octagon) so I can not say yet what needs repair or replacement and to be fair to entities responsible for each they probably have not yet scheduled their yearly pre-season maintenance.

So what am I left to discuss? My continuing obsession whether the planned Riverwalk building to sit opposite current 475 Main Street will result in the demolition of the current toddler playground and if so whether that playground would again be built subsequent to that building’s completion and if so where?

Based on the aerial picture above of the site I still don’t believe the playground can survive despite assurances that it will. My bet is still that after the former Castle playground is demolished (has it been yet?) and rebuilt that it is seen as providing sufficient coverage for kids living in Southtown. My problem with that answer is that the current Riverwalk playground is specifically built for toddlers and the Castle playground site has always been for older kids.
So the story continues.

What would be your playground wish list for Roosevelt Island ?

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  1. My wish list: a sandbox, a tire swing, bucket swings, a see-saw (now that would be really cool).