Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When Alternate Parking Rules = Musical Chairs

Street Cleaning Rules - Starting March 24th

P3190054 - Sign

Most streets in New York City that are subject to street cleaning rules have two sides of the street that cars can alternate between during the posted times. Roosevelt Island only allows parking on one side of Main Street which creates a dilemma. What do you do with your car on street cleaning days?

Well according to the numerous signs posted this evening you can park, temporarily, underneath the Motorgate garage ramp. The poster does not state it but I am guessing once 11:30 am passes all cars must vacate the area under the ramp. I am also guessing Main Street will look like a bad game of musical chairs on Mondays and Thursday after 11:30 am.

In the two years I have lived here I must admit I have never seen or noticed street cleaning / alternate street parking before. When I went into PSD this evening the officers indicated that the postering of the event at this level appears moreso than undertaken in the past.


  1. Nice to meet you today at the Public Safety office.
    114 Pct PO Fernandez (I was the one that kept your card).

    By the way, the signs say mondays, not tuesdays.

  2. Thanks. Correction made. Nice to meet you too. If there is anything you think the blog needs or the 114 Pct would like announced please let me know.


  3. You should be asking yourself what your vehicle is doing on Main St. for more than the 20-40 allowable minutes. If you have to 'worry' about moving your car, you are a freeloader and do not belong parked on Main St.!!