Friday, December 28, 2007

Roosevelt Island Bridge – Status of Current Pedestrian Access ?

RI Bridge_Pedestrian Update_2007 Dec Late

Based on the above photos taken earlier this week on Dec. 26th, it appears that the pedestrian walkway has not yet been closed forcing the movement of pedestrian traffic onto the temporary walkway on the roadbed. It is unclear from these pictures what the status is of the temporary walkway. As of a few weeks ago the temporary walkway had cement walls protecting pedestrians from traffic but the roadbed was still the grated base it has been for years. Pictures from December 6th can be seen HERE.

I am guessing with all the ongoing construction preparation that there will be no test openings of the bridge for some time to come. That is good news considering the recent occasions when the bridge would not completely close snarling traffic and preventing individuals and motorists use of the bridge.

The above photos were taken by “vty_nyc” and can be found individually on Fickr within the photographer’s Welfare Island set.

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