Monday, December 3, 2007

RI Lighthouse Included in NYBG Holiday Train Show

Each holiday season we find ourselves visiting the various holiday model train shows here in New York City. This year we treated the kids and took them to the Annual Holiday Show at the New York Botanical Garden. We had heard about this show for years but never found the time to see it.


On Saturday we saw the show and were surprised to find a replica of the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse included in the show. The trains while certainly being the binding ingredient to the show are actually not the stars of the show. The stars are the structures and buildings depicted in miniature through recreation using only natural materials to build them. The inclusion of our lighthouse was quite a surprise. The structures depicted range from well known to nbot from across the New York region.

To see more photo from the show available on Flickr link to them HERE. It is an amazing show and worth seeing. We found that by taking the Metro North Train up to the NYBG station stop it was so easy even with young children.

I have sent an email into the NYBG to learn more about the inclusion of the lighthouse as I am sure some sort of process was required before they added it to the exhibit. Not that I don’t think it is a worthy landmark but I was and am still surprised to have found it there.

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