Monday, December 17, 2007

Rudeness Must Always Be Confronted


I read a post in a blog this morning where the Blogger witnessed an incident that occurred on the Tram. It is unclear if the young women involved were residents or not or whether the man in the wheelchair was a resident or not but these facts do not have any bearing on the fact that the incident and incidents like these should not happen and individuals witnessing such rude behavior should feel free to say something then and there.

“This was not even the first time I saw something like this happen. The first week I was in New York, I got on the tramway from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. There was a man sitting in a wheelchair in the middle of the tram. He was African-American, and had slightly unkempt looks. Three Caucasian girls got on the tram and immediately moved away from him like he had the plague.

“EEEWWWwww…!” one of them loudly exclaimed. “I wonder why they let people like this onto the tram!”

I wanted to ask her, “I don’t know, why do they let people like YOU onto the tram?” However, I was too intimidated by my new surroundings to speak up.”

So as the saying goes, if you see something say something. It should not take the fear of terrorism to make New Yorkers stand up and be heard. A little politeness goes a long way. Respect and courtesy goes even further.

While on the topic of rudeness it is has been a pattern of the writers of the blog Daily Intel to continually dismiss Roosevelt Island as a community. Almost every time they have linked to a post of the Roosevelt Islander they have made remarks basically belittling the Island and the news that is reported by the Roosevelt Islander about the Island. When the Blogger again referred to the Island as bland and we were not worth further comment I finally had to say something. I am sure it fell on deaf ears but I had to say something and so should others.


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  1. hey just noticed this =)

    you can be sure I'll speak up the next time around.

    Speaking of which, people who dismiss Roosevelt Island and its people as bland are.. well.. plain stupid.

    It's my FAVOURITE place in NYC. The peace, homey feeling... I love the place. Thank God my cousins live there! I wish I could too.. but the price tag is a little too steep for me :( Else, I'd move there at the drop of a hat!