Saturday, December 8, 2007

No Respect (?) From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

To paraphrase that great philosopher Rodney Dangerfield “We Don’t Get Any Respect”. In yesterday’s Real Estate Roundup, Ms. Sarah Ryley, finished her article listing Roosevelt Island in what appears to be an afterthought. It isn’t the first time and it assuredly will not be the last time Roosevelt Island is referred to in such a manner but still it is no less aggravating.

For that kind of money, judging by a rental search on Craigslist, one could find an apartment with as many bedrooms in the Upper West Side (around the 60s streets), Upper East Side, West Village, East Village, Soho, Chelsea and Greenwich Village (oh, and Roosevelt Island).”

Perhaps I am misreading the grammatical context of the phrase? Perhaps Ms. Ryley was quoting the Brownstoner site referenced in the preceding paragraph? If so I could not find the same language there. So if I am misreading the intent of the phrase I apologize to Ms. Ryley. If I am not misreading her intent I ask "What did we do to you?".

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