Friday, December 21, 2007

Expect Fewer Fresh Direct Deliveries Onto Roosevelt Island

Residents who rely on Fresh Direct for their groceries should expect that deliveries may take a day or two longer than usual despite our proximity to Fresh Direct’s Borden Avenue, LIC warehouse. This is according to one unnamed driver referring to the ongoing immigration / unionization vote turmoil discussed in today’s New York Times.

It is unknown how many deliveries / week Fresh Direct makes on Roosevelt island but many residents recall that the Island was one of the initial test neighborhoods when they started 5 years ago and the service has developed a strong following ever since based on the prevalence of their trucks at all times of the day on Main Street.

If the "food related" store planned for 425 Main Street was already in operation or if the currently empty RIOC controlled storefronts on Main Street were filled I am sure more residents would not rely on Fresh Direct as an alternative to Gristedes. All I can say it is a wonderful thing that Costco is within walking distance from the Island.

Update: 12/26 - 6:00 PM

As of today each of our scheduled deliveries have arrrived in the time slots we reserved with no disruption in service. So the previous statements of expectant delays appear to have been unfounded. Great news for residents.

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  1. Isn't it always the same two or three people that make deliveries to Roosevelt Island? One of them, Johnny, makes the most deliveries and a couple of other guys make them on the days Johnny is off.

    I doubt Fresh Direct is going to have trouble finding new hires for the vast number of openings. They'll do fine. The only thing that happened lately was that many items were out of stock. That might have been a consequence of the loss workers.