Tuesday, December 4, 2007

This Holiday is Brought to You By RIOC and Amalgamated Bank


Up until this holiday season I don't recall seeing professionally sponsored event or seasonal banners on Roosevelt Island's Main Street. Banners sponsored by RIOC or local organizations have been common place with respect to Island events but the above banner to my memory takes the sponsorship a step further.

Is Amalgamated Bank opening a branch here on Roosevelt Island? Based on the branch address on the banner it does not appear so. It's a nice gesture for a branch that is not within a short walking distance.

Don't get me wrong I am not against such sponsorships as long as they are tastefully done and don't overshadow the event, holiday, or local organization. And this one is not bad. But it is a step and with all such steps it can be a slippery slope.


  1. Yep it is encouraging - but the real question is when is Wachovia or Chase or BofA going to open on Main st? .... or at least in Southtown?....

    ...which makes me think of something else - the ever present ads in The Wire by Bangla Garden restaurant. Every issue they advertise and every week we call them and they say Oh no, we don't deliver there - or we aren't delivering today. Since we have so few options for food and delivery I am ready to complain about false advertising!

  2. I have no idea regarding an ew bank on the Island but I wonder if the NY National Bank on Main Street has some sort of agreement with RIOC to be the only bank on Main Street at least as far as RIOC controlled properties. I have to think their ATM fee income has dropped with Chase ATMs now operating at both the Octagon and the Duane Reade.

  3. According to RIOC President Steve Shane, as far as RIOC knows, Amalgamated Branch is not contemplating a Roosevelt Island branch at this time. He attributes the sponsorship banner to good will and community outreach.