Friday, December 14, 2007

A Forgotten Roosevelt Island Subway Entrance?

53rd st subway emergency exit

No, the above image is not of a forgotten subway station nor is it a publicity shot from the new Will Smith movie "I am Legend". It is simply a picture of an emergency exit from the 53rd Street subway tunnel (currently the E and V Train) that is beneath Roosevelt Island.

It is not an image one sees every day as this “exit” is behind the restricted zone of fences down by Southpoint Park. The building on the right hand side of the picture is Strecker Laboratory and the building in the background is Goldwater Hospital with a partial view of the 59th Street Bridge lattice work appearing as if it is part of the hospital. The image was found on Flickr (as photographed by eye0shot).

For a Flickr Slide show of “exit” signs posted about Roosevelt Island link HERE.

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Not to get into a discussion of additional subway acccess but you wonder if this exit from the 53rd Street subway tunnel exists whether it could ever be expanded to create another subway station for the Island. Yes, I know the issue has been discussed the required capital would be insane and the City would never put up with the possible affects on an active subway line but you still wonder. If Goldwater is ever razed and the land developed for residential use the developers should be forced to contribute funds towards such an effort. After all the monies they'll make on selling apartments with the views of Manhattan will be astronomical.

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