Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Roosevelt Island Subway Escalator Graphics – Take Two

It appears that my original Roosevelt Island subway escalator graphic was a bit confusing to some. So I have tried to clean it up to better state which end of which escalators and stairs connect the Lower Mezzanine to the two platforms at the station.

Double click on the image at the left to see a larger image of the updated graphic.

I have also posted below a graphic which depicts the escalators and stairs in a cut-a-way mode from a side view which perhaps will help some people understand the system. Double click on the image to see a clear copy posted on my Flickr account.

Escalators Graphic Cut a way


  1. hmmmm... my earlier comments vanished. try again.

    all i know is that a main down escalator was broken at 3 pm yesterday... at the 8pm return trip, a DIFFERENT down escalator was broken, and the alarm bell was still ringing - somewhere.

    and the escalator that worked at 3 pm made HUGE screeching noises every so often. seriously, does mta and skanska hire people who can read, let alone handle a grease gun or a wrench?

    you really don't need this reporting aid - just type the words 'roosevelt island' on a piece of paper, put a big X thru it, and hand it to any mta employee..

  2. no, they didn't disappear; i put my comments under the wrong subject! i need to stop typing while i'm sober....