Friday, December 14, 2007

Congresswoman Maloney Announces Approval Roosevelt Island Water Taxi Dock


For a link to the press release link HERE to Congresswoman Maloney’s website. This is major transportation news for the island. Check back here for updates and I am sure on related Roosevelt Island sites as more info is learned.

Apparently the dock will up at the Octagon. Presumably the new dock will replace the current dock, pictured below, which I posted about recently here on this site within a post about the "Prow". By having the dock at the Northern end of the Island it will be interesting to see how this would affect morning commutes off the Island and if such service is provided at what cost would it be offered to interested residents.



  1. holy crap. i have to say, i NEVER thought the corps would allow a water taxi service in such a space-critical waterway (the commander notes that the hallet's cove is preferable). i recently watched 2 oil barges squeeze the patrick sky (a small bunker boat) so close to the dock i could have jumped on her.

    now all we need is for becker to con whatever agency is con-able into accepting a rotting pier as safe for service.

    that, and about 100 passengers a day willing to pay $7 each way to manhattan. frankly, if they also make a stop at the UN - before the existing stop at 34th st - they could make this work financially; there are enough UN and NGO employees in the octagon alone to fill a boat. but i don't see too many willing to walk or bus 10 blocks up from 34th... prolly just as easy to take the bus from the tram stop. and cheaper.

  2. Hallets Cove is were the water taxi should be. Its next to costco and acts a a main artery to astoria. Not to mention all the new construction in the area of brand new luxury condos.